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1st March 2021 (Zoom 7pm) – The Beginning of Everything

Dr Steve Barrett, Department of Physics, University of Liverpool will talk about the beginning of the universe. Several of us recently attended (virtually) Kirkby SciBar and saw Steve giving a talk about Black Holes, and were very impressed by his … Continue reading

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14th May (NB not 7th) 2018 – Seeing the Invisible

Observing the Dark Side of the Universe Professor Sarah Bridle (Professor of Astrophysics, Manchester University, School of Physics and Astronomy) will talk about dark matter and dark energy. These appear to form the vast bulk of the universe, but we … Continue reading

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6th March 2017 – Gravitational Waves

One of our own Knutsford SciBar members, Dr Ian Duerdoth, has agreed to talk to us this month. Ian says: “I’ll outline our understanding of gravity, firstly as discovered by the brilliance of Newton and then extended by the genius … Continue reading

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6th June 2011 – The Structure of the Vacuum

Professor Simone Marzani of Manchester University will lead our discussion of the vacuum structure. Is it really “nothing at all” or is it stuffed with interesting things designed to appear to be nothing – mostly? This session originated from our … Continue reading

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4th April 2011 – Einstein’s Last Legacy: Detecting Wrinkles in Space-Time

Associate Professor Andrea Lommen of Franklin & Marshall College and Dr Ben Stappers of Jodrell Bank study millisecond pulsars. These are dead stars with about the mass of our sun, collapsed down to about the size of Knutsford (10km across), … Continue reading

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7th February 2011 – Cosmic Rays

Professor Tony Bell from Oxford University led our discussion on cosmic rays. These are the highest energy particles in the universe. Their energies reach about ten million times that of particles accelerated at CERN. Mainly protons, one single particle can … Continue reading

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