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2nd July 2018 – The Size of Space

Just How Do Astronomers Measure Distances? William Stewart, who is a founder member of South Cheshire Astronomical Society, will give this talk, in which he will explain how astronomers (from the ancients to modern man) measure distances within and beyond … Continue reading

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7th September 2015 – The Square Kilometre Array

Dr Evan Keane will bring us up to date with a revolutionary new radio telescope, the Square Kilometre Array (SKA). Playing a crucial role,  it is possible and affordable for the SKA to be built by 2024. With an unprecedented … Continue reading

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2nd February 2015 – Comets, Asteroids, Meteorites and the Early Solar System

Professor Jamie Gilmour of Manchester University will lead our discussion. Professor Gilmour says: “Asteroids and comets are the leftovers from the formation of planets in the early solar system.  Their study can shed light on how the planets grew and, … Continue reading

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5th January 2015 – Killer Asteroids

Our speaker this month is Andy Newsam, Professor of Astronomy Education and Engagement. Professor Newson says: “My research is varied but generally involves getting observations from large number of telescopes all over the world (and sometimes above it) and trying … Continue reading

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3rd November 2014 – 10th Anniversary and Naked Eye Astronomy

It’s our 10th Anniversary so we started with a normal Scibar… Andrew Greenwood leading a Scibar on “Naked eye Astronomy” which session got rave reviews at Bollington last February. If you have ever looked up at the starry night sky … Continue reading

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1st September 2014 – Colliding Galaxies

Dr Megan Argo, Researcher at Jodrell Bank Centre for Astrophysics, University of Manchester will discuss “Colliding Galaxies” with us.

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