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7th May 2013 – Can Animals Think Scientifically?

Dr Bill Sellars will address the question “When you think of the things some animals can do or make, you have to ask if they can think “scientifically” and, if so, what does this mean for humankind?”

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5th November 2012 – I Like The Way We Talk

I like the way we talk: the effect of accent imitation on speech perception Dr Patti Adank describes her topic: “The UK has many regional accents, from Cockney spoken in London to Geordie in Newcastle, to Scottish accents such as … Continue reading

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11th June 2012 – The Brain’s Roles in Memory

Dr. Penny Lewis from Manchester NARU (Neuroscience of Aphasia Research Unit) will talk about memory and the brain. What role does sleep play and what does the brain do when it is neither storing nor retrieving memories?     

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2nd April 2012 – The Brain: the Impact of Tea and Coffee

The Brain – the impact of tea and coffee + plasticity: “What shall I be today?” It’s not just Quantum Mechanics which is complicated, is it? The human brain is probably the most complex object in the universe. Come and … Continue reading

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9th January 2012 – Neuronal Analysis is just Modern Phrenology

Is MRI brain scanning any more useful than phrenology was? We’ll have a quick look at both techniques and compare the data available from each. Professor Raymond Tallis of Manchester University will explain his view on Neuronal Analysis. Is it akin … Continue reading

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10th May 2010 – Memories are Made of This

Professor Alistair Burns (MBChB, FRCP, FRCPsych, MD, MPhil, DHMSA) is Deputy Dean for Clinical Affairs and Professor of Old Age Psychiatry at The University of Manchester in the UK and an Honorary Consultant Old Age Psychiatrist in the Manchester Mental Health and … Continue reading

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