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13th May 2019 – The Magic of MRI

Dr Helen Beaumont of Manchester University will  talk to us about MRI: What is an MRI machine? How does it work? What can it measure? Why does it have to be so big, so loud, so expensive? And what can … Continue reading

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4th February 2019 – Oral Health and Alzheimer’s

It’s three for the price of one at February’s SciBar – Doctors Sim K. Singhroa, Alice Harding and Sarita Robinson from the School of Dentistry, University of Central Lancashire will be talking on “The Role of Oral Health in the … Continue reading

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3rd September 2018 – How the Immune System affects Brain Disease

Professor David Brough, a researcher and senior lecturer at Manchester University gives a fascinating account of recent developments in the field. David says “Inflammation is our body’s response to infection and injury. It is generally beneficial promoting resistance, repair and … Continue reading

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7th May 2013 – Can Animals Think Scientifically?

Dr Bill Sellars will address the question “When you think of the things some animals can do or make, you have to ask if they can think “scientifically” and, if so, what does this mean for humankind?”

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5th November 2012 – I Like The Way We Talk

I like the way we talk: the effect of accent imitation on speech perception Dr Patti Adank describes her topic: “The UK has many regional accents, from Cockney spoken in London to Geordie in Newcastle, to Scottish accents such as … Continue reading

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11th June 2012 – The Brain’s Roles in Memory

Dr. Penny Lewis from Manchester NARU (Neuroscience of Aphasia Research Unit) will talk about memory and the brain. What role does sleep play and what does the brain do when it is neither storing nor retrieving memories?     

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