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7th December 2020 (Zoom 7pm) – Invasive Plant Species

Invasive Plant Species – Bogeyman or Ecological Disaster? Dr Arthur Broadbent of the School of Earth & Environmental Sciences, University of Manchester will lead the discussion. “Novel weapons”, “Enemy Release” “Invasional Meltdown” – these are some of the more popular … Continue reading

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3rd June 2019 – Microplastics in Manchester’s Rivers

Professor Jamie Woodward, Professor of Physical Geography and Head of the Department of Geography at The University of Manchester, will tell us about research in the Department of Geography at the University of Manchester which has shone a light on … Continue reading

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1st April 2019 – Eco Energy Production from Waste Biomass

In April, Mubashra Latif, who is studying for her PhD in the faculty of Science and Engineering at the University of Chester, will talk about her research. Mubashra is being supported by the University of Chester’s Eco-Innovation Cheshire and Warrington … Continue reading

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9th May 2016 – Arctic

Professor Terry Callaghan, Professor of Arctic ecology at the University of Sheffield and Distinguished Research Professor at Royal Swedish Academy of Sciences, talked to us and led the discussion. Terry is Leader of the Arctic Council of Ministers’ initiative on … Continue reading

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10th January 2011 – Bees: Clever Little Things and WE Need Them

Professor Ian Munro from Daresbury will lead a discussion on Bees and how the number of hives is reducing due to a mysterious disease. Bees are very smart; being able to calculate the distance between various food sources so as … Continue reading

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7th September 2009 – Are the Oceans Doomed?

Join Dr Steve Simpson to discuss the future of the seas around us! The Daily Telegraph’s headline “All Seafood will Run Out by 2050” sums up the current debate on our oceans. But how much of this is science and … Continue reading

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