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4th September 2017 – Building Biological Batteries

This topic will be presented by Nick Fowler, a Biophysics PhD student at the Manchester Institute of Biotechnology. In Nick’s own words: “Nature has had billions of years to evolve the various life processes that constitute life. As a result, these … Continue reading

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8th May 2017 – Human Leucocyte Antigen (HLA) System

Andy Canterbury is the business development manager for MC Diagnostics, a small company based in St Asaph, North Wales and they have developed a DNA microarray platform for medical diagnostic testing; the primary application being HLA typing. Andrew has an … Continue reading

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5th September 2016 – Zika Virus

Zika Virus – Separating Fact from Fiction Dr Lee Haines  gave us an overview on the current Zika virus outbreak in the Americas and focussed on the history of Zika, the different ways the virus can be transmitted, the clinical … Continue reading

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6th July 2015 – Quantum Biology

Delivered by “The Manchester Quantum Biology Discussion Team”, comprising Professor Nigel Scrutton, Dr Sam Hay and Dr Alex R Jones. Disappearing in one place and reappearing in another. Being in two places at once. Communicating information seemingly faster than the … Continue reading

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12th May 2014 – Creating Siblings for Medicinal Purposes

Dr Sarah Chan will return to discuss the possibilities and issues concerned with creating siblings for medicinal purposes.

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5th November 2013 – How Animals Detect Light

Professor Rob Lucas will discuss with us the different ways that animals detect light and what they use that light for.  Rob says “We are all well aware that we rely upon specialised light-sensitive cells in our retina (photoreceptors) to see. In fact this … Continue reading

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