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5th February 2018 – Gene Editing

The Brave New World of CRISPR Gene Editing The session will be led by Professor Matthew Cobb, professor of Zoology at the University of Manchester. Over the last five years, biology and medicine have been shaken by the discovery of … Continue reading

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8th January 2018 – Cryptography: past, present and future

SciBarian Alan Daglish will lead the session.  He offers this introduction to the topic: Practically every day of our modern lives we use some form of cryptography. Online banking and shopping, email, ATMs, booking holidays etc., etc. Mostly it is … Continue reading

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4th December 2017 – DNA in Medicine

The promises, challenges and everyday application of DNA in Medicine Dr Jamie Ellingford will be talking about the latest technology and software available to generate and analyse big DNA datasets, and discuss the promises, challenges and everyday applications of these … Continue reading

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21st June 2017 – Lymm Dam Geology Walk

Leader Fred Owen gathered a group of SciBarians at the Lymm Dam car park for a briefing on the geological history of the area.  He explained that Lymm is situated in the centre of the northern part of the Cheshire … Continue reading

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