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14th May (NB not 7th) 2018 – Seeing the Invisible

Observing the Dark Side of the Universe Professor Sarah Bridle (Professor of Astrophysics, Manchester University, School of Physics and Astronomy) will talk about dark matter and dark energy. These appear to form the vast bulk of the universe, but we … Continue reading

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6th November 2017 – On The Face Of It

Surfaces and Interfaces in Chemistry, Physics and Medicine Dr Andrew Thomas of the School of Materials, Photon Science Institute, The University of Manchester will be presenting this topic. Every solid or liquid has a surface. We probably take this for granted, but … Continue reading

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9th January 2017 – Hinkley Point Technology

Carolyn Alsop has worked for 30 years as a nuclear engineer. She now works for AMEC Foster Wheeler based at Booths Hall. For the past 6 years she has been working with EDF on the Hinkley Point design. Her talk … Continue reading

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6th June 2016 – Quantum Entanglement

Professor Neils Walet from Manchester University will explain the phenomenon of Quantum Entanglement where particles can communicate with each other much, much faster than the speed of light and across the whole universe He will also cover Quantum Encryption (because it is … Continue reading

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2nd March 2015 – Whole Body Imaging

Brought to us by Professor John Waterton. Whole Body Imaging refers to the internal display of the entire body in a single procedure. It may refer to one of two types of body imaging technologies used for security screening such … Continue reading

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3rd March 2014 – String Theory (Part 2)

Dr Peter Millington from Manchester University continues his efforts to help us  move from Particle Physics towards String Theory.  In his January talk he discussed with us the fundamental disagreement between Relativity and Quantum Mechanics.  Now in his second talk … Continue reading

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