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**** Coronavirus Update ****

This blog shows all our events, both future and past. However, because of the coronavirus pandemic, all future Knutsford SciBar meetings have been cancelled until September 2020 at the earliest. We hope that all talks that had been scheduled from April to July 2020 inclusive can be rearranged for later this year or next year, but obviously at present it is not possible to say if/when. Keep watching the website for updates (we will of course also communicate what is happening to everyone on the club mailing list). And if anyone has come across any interesting scientific resources on the internet, that may be of interest to the SciBar audience, please send details via the contact form – if appropriate, we will publish the details here.

Once we are able to resume, we hope that things will revert to normal:

Usual time – 19.30 (first Monday monthly), usual place – Knutsford Sports Club, Mereheath Lane (directions).

Entry fee £1 (free for students and under 21s).

We still need more speakers for 2021 (and possibly the second half of 2020), so please keep your ideas coming.

Until we are able to meet again, stay safe (and sane!).

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Date to be Confirmed – How Do You Observe 1.33 Billion Km3 of Ocean?

This question will be asked by Dr Matt Donnelly, Lead Data Scientist, UK Argo Programme. The oceans play a key role in the climate and provide a habitat for a wide range of marine life, but with an average depth of 3.7km and a surface area of 360 million km2, how on earth do you collect the data to understand its physical properties, how it moves, and how it supports life?

Find out about the robotic Argo floats used to sustain our observations of this dynamic underwater world.

Dr Donnelly is also the organizer of Kirkby SciBar.

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Postponed because of CV; new date TBA – Living with a Shrinking Nile for 6,000 Years:geoscience and archaeology in Northern Sudan

Prof Jamie Woodward, who spoke to us in June 2019 about microplastics in Manchester’s rivers, will return to talk to us about the Nile. More details to follow.

NB this talk was going to be given in March 2020, but unfortunately Prof Woodward had to attend an out-of-town conference that day. It was rescheduled for the summer, but has been postponed again because of the pandemic.

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Postponed because of CV; new date TBA – Tribology of Spacecraft Mechanisms: 48-million Miles Without an Oil Change

Following on from our September 2019 talk on tribology on earth by John Anderson, Dr Michael Buttery Snr. Project Scientist, ESR Technology, Engineering Safety and Risk will talk about tribology in space. More details to follow.

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Postponed because of CV; new date TBA – How Our Genome Affects Our Health

Dr. Arijit Mukhopadhyay, Reader in Human Genetics, University of Salford was to have been our speaker (exact topic to be decided) in May 2020, but his talk has been postponed because of the pandemic.

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Postponed because of CV; new date TBA – Invasive Plant Species

Invasive Plant Species – Bogeyman or Ecological Disaster?

Dr Arthur Broadbent of the School of Earth & Environmental Sciences, University of Manchester will lead the discussion.


Himalayan Balsam

“Novel weapons”, “Enemy Release” “Invasional Meltdown” – these are some of the more popular hypotheses proposed to explain the paradoxical success of invasive plants. But is this militaristic language justified? Are invasive plants really such a threat? And what does explain their unlikely prominence?

Dr Broadbent will present the evidence surrounding the underlying causes of plant invasions, and with a more nuanced take on their ecological impact.

NB this talk was originally going to be given on 2nd September 2019, but had to be rearranged to April 2020 due to an unforeseen bovine intervention, and then postponed again because of the pandemic.


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2nd March 2020 – SecREEts Project

Georgia Macey and her team from the Prospex Institute will give a presentation on rare earths and the SecREEts project. This project is aimed at establishing a stable and secure supply of critical rare earth elements based on a sustainable extraction from European apatite sources used in fertiliser production.

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