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Postponed because of CV; new date TBA – Living with a Shrinking Nile for 6,000 Years:geoscience and archaeology in Northern Sudan

Prof Jamie Woodward, who spoke to us in June 2019 about microplastics in Manchester’s rivers, will return to talk to us about the Nile. More details to follow. NB this talk was going to be given in March 2020, but … Continue reading

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7th October 2019 – Bog Oaks and Bog Bodies

Dr Jonathan Lageard, Senior Lecturer in Environmental Studies, Division of Geography & Environmental Management, Manchester Metropolitan University will tell us what has been discovered as peat bogs have been exploited. Peatlands cover significant areas within the north-west and have suffered considerably through … Continue reading

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7th January 2019 – The Antikythera Mechanism

For our first talk of the new year, Maurice Rushby, a retired chemical engineer with a strong interest in mathematics, will talk about the Antikythera Mechanism, which is (quoting directly from Wikipedia): “an ancient Greek analogue computer and orrery used to … Continue reading

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2nd June 2008 – Lindow Man

A Special SciBar at The Manchester Museum The SciBar included a private visit to the Museum to view the “Lindow Man” exhibit, the naturally preserved body of an Iron Age man which will be in Manchester from April 2008 until … Continue reading

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3rd December 2007 – Old and New Technologies

Old and New Technologies and the Spread of the Minoan Civilisation in Crete Dr. Ina Berg from Manchester University helped us look into the technologies of pottery manufacture in ancient Crete. Her research uses X-ray analysis to determine how the … Continue reading

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3rd October 2005 – Ancient DNA and Archaeology

Ancient DNA and Archaeology – What can we use it for? Dr Ken Brown from Manchester University led us into a discussion on ancient DNA.  How do we get this DNA? Where from? Is it any use? What can we … Continue reading

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