3rd December 2007 – Old and New Technologies

Old and New Technologies and the Spread of the Minoan Civilisation in Crete

Dr. Ina Berg from Manchester University helped us look into the technologies of pottery manufacture in ancient Crete. Her research uses X-ray analysis to determine how the pots were thrown and the types of potters wheels used in different places. She used the information to examine the economic and cultural aspects of the Minoan civilisation and to examine how that civilisation grew to dominance. Why did so many “huge” palaces get built within a very short time period? With no evidence of invasion or other foreign incursion, just a bit of local in-fighting to spice things up. Its other main feature is its variety from site to site, which suggests that early Minoan social traditions were very localised. We don’t know why nobody bothered to invade and yet the society was rich enough to make major investment in palaces.

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