5th November 2007 – The Holographic Universe

The Holographic Universe – Maybe the reality of our world is just an illusion

Dr. Radu Tatar, Liverpool University, will help us look into the science of the Holographic Universe.

String Theory suggests that our real world is made from different vibrations of a string; not from the string itself but just from its vibrations. Strings with different vibrations can interact and change their vibrations – and the vibrations act like fundamental particle. Are you made of real string or are you just the wobbles of many strings interacting? Where are these strings? Dangling in space and if so what sort of space? You can be sure it’s not an empty vacuum like our old idea of space. How long are they? How heavy are they (a lot heavier than you’d think) and how stiff are they? Are they loose strings or loops? Can they tie themselves in knots (as well as tying me in knots)?

So you are just a vibration pattern but what a vibration it is! Not just in 3 dimensions but in many more. Why can’t it be any number of dimensions? Why is it limited to only a couple of options in the number of dimensions there could be and why do we have to have more than 3,or 4 if you include time? Where does the two dimensional Universe come into it? Might it be real or is it just a mathematical convenience?

Come to Knutsford SciBAr and find out whether you’re just a phantom, only a wave in the sea of spacetime, not the water just the wave.

Charlotte Peters-Rock

Following the main discussion Charlotte Peters Rock read a poem of hers.

In a Parallel Universe

Do I exist – or only think I do?
And is the universe reality? – Or no?
How can I tell?

If I believe that someone else
Can feed the truth to my imagination
Is that true?

With thoughts of mine can I invent
My self – and then a universe – then someone else
To explain?

Why bother – when I populate my waking?
If that is what it is – Why continue
With some one?

Which one would have more knowledge?
Would the someone sit inside my head? – Do I
Have a head?

If so – how many people line the crowded space?
If space it is? – Is it space? – If space – where is

Is existence anything at all? – Or nothing?
What is nothing? – In the parallel – is
Nothing new?

Or then – did it once exist – this nothing?
How? In the parallel? – Parallel to what?

How can parallel be as it is?
If only it exists – alone – would a parallel
Know – or mind?

“Interference between two jets of light” *
Is that unreally what we are?

If holograph? – Are you a figment of imagination?
Not mine, for I am also – if you are a figment –
Only thought?

Jets of light? Do they exist?
And where is interference from? – Or

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