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14th May (NB not 7th) 2018 – Seeing the Invisible

Observing the Dark Side of the Universe Professor Sarah Bridle (Professor of Astrophysics, Manchester University, School of Physics and Astronomy) will talk about dark matter and dark energy. These appear to form the vast bulk of the universe, but we … Continue reading

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1st December 2008 – The Effects of Space and Ageing on Human Physiology

Professor Mario Narici from Manchester University led the discussion on the effects of space trips on the physiology of astronauts. Astronauts have the urgent requirement for physiotherapy treatment on return from space, if they are not to fracture a limb … Continue reading

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6th October 2008 – Mining in Space

What’s out there and how could we get it back here? Dr Benny Peiser from Liverpool John Moores University returns to inform and entertain us, yet again, leading the discussion on Mining in Space. We are talking about minerals in … Continue reading

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5th November 2007 – The Holographic Universe

The Holographic Universe – Maybe the reality of our world is just an illusion Dr. Radu Tatar, Liverpool University, will help us look into the science of the Holographic Universe. String Theory suggests that our real world is made from … Continue reading

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