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13th May 2019 – The Magic of MRI

Dr Helen Beaumont of Manchester University will  talk to us about MRI: What is an MRI machine? How does it work? What can it measure? Why does it have to be so big, so loud, so expensive? And what can … Continue reading

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9th April 2018 – Bitcoin: a Personal Perspective on Database Technology

Note the date of this talk – it’s the second Monday because April 2nd is Easter Monday. This talk will be led by SciBarian Adrian Fisher, who valiantly answered Chris Grice’s plea at February’s meeting for a speaker for April. … Continue reading

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5th March 2018 – Small Modular Nuclear Reactors

This discussion will be led by Emma Vernon, of the N(ational) N(uclear) L(aboratory).  In Emma’s words: “The UK has expressed an interest in the potential deployment of Small Modular Reactor technology as a means to help address the energy trilemma … Continue reading

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4th September 2017 – Building Biological Batteries

This topic will be presented by Nick Fowler, a Biophysics PhD student at the Manchester Institute of Biotechnology. In Nick’s own words: “Nature has had billions of years to evolve the various life processes that constitute life. As a result, these … Continue reading

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7th December 2015 – Drones

Professor Andy Miah from the University of Salford will discuss with us what we need to resolve if drones are going to be a much larger part of our environment than currently. I suspect that, as happened when I’ve seen … Continue reading

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2nd June 2014 – The Future of Airport Security Checking

Dr Simon Albright will discuss with us future of National Security Checking at airports once we need more information than X-rays can provide – i.e. now.  What information will we need and how will we get it? Most X-rays, currently … Continue reading

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