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12th April 2021 (Zoom 7pm) – 5G: The Need, Technical Challenges and Impact

Professor Nigel Linge, University of Salford, School of Computing, Science and Engineering, will be talking about 5G. From his website, this is what Nigel says about his talk: “In December 2017, the world took an important step forward in the … Continue reading

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7th January 2019 – The Antikythera Mechanism

For our first talk of the new year, Maurice Rushby, a retired chemical engineer with a strong interest in mathematics, will talk about the Antikythera Mechanism, which is (quoting directly from Wikipedia): “an ancient Greek analogue computer and orrery used to … Continue reading

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9th April 2018 – Bitcoin: a Personal Perspective on Database Technology

Note the date of this talk – it’s the second Monday because April 2nd is Easter Monday. This talk will be led by SciBarian Adrian Fisher, who valiantly answered Chris Grice’s plea at February’s meeting for a speaker for April. … Continue reading

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7th November 2016 – Big Data

Big Data – The Revolution That Will Change All Of Our Lives Dr Al Dosseter  of MedChemica  talked with us about “Big Data”, why it  is a new buzz term thrown around in the Media and why we should care. Al explained … Continue reading

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1st February 2016 – Artificial Intelligence

Dr Gavin Brown from Manchester University will talk to us about the development of artificial intelligence. We are not very far away from machines being more intelligent than humans,  so we need to consider the timescales and implications of this.

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3rd February 2014 – The Growth of Computer Power

Professor Stephen Furber from Manchester University will return to Knutsford SciBar and take us on a journey looking at the growth of computer power. How long before it far exceeds human brain power? Will the machines take over ? What can … Continue reading

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