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3rd February 2014 – The Growth of Computer Power

Professor Stephen Furber¬†from Manchester University will return to Knutsford SciBar and take us on a journey looking at the growth of computer power. How long before it far exceeds human brain power? Will the machines take over ? What can … Continue reading

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9th May 2011 – Computers and the Brain

How is it that we find some things very difficult which computers find ever so easy AND VERY MUCH VICE VERSA? How can we improve our computers and our knowledge of how our brain functions? Professor Steve Furber will lead … Continue reading

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7th January 2008 – Synthetic Biology and Biological Computing

Dr. Martyn Amos from Manchester Metropolitan University will help us look into the technologies of biological computing and how we can now adjust biological “creatures” to do things never previously created in the history of life. In the living cell … Continue reading

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5th December 2005 – Virtual Reality

Virtual Reality¬†– what’s virtual about it? Terry Hewitt, Director of Research Computing at Manchester Computing, University of Manchester led our discussion. Terry explored the role of virtual reality, and some important perception issues were addressed. He also showed how virtual … Continue reading

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7th March 2005 – Can Machines Imagine?

Can machines imagine? Not just think – can they be conscious? In this session we were joined by one the foremost researchers into electronic consciousness who very kindly came up from Imperial College London to lead our discussion, Emeritus Professor … Continue reading

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