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7th March 2016 – The Hidden Science of How the Mind Really Works

This talk is by Dr Warren Mansell about a scientific theory that has been ignored or misunderstood for over 50 years – Perceptual Control Theory (PCT) – see http://www.pctweb.org. The theory provides a whole new perspective on the mind and society. … Continue reading

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5th November 2012 – I Like The Way We Talk

I like the way we talk: the effect of accent imitation on speech perception Dr Patti Adank describes her topic: “The UK has many regional accents, from Cockney spoken in London to Geordie in Newcastle, to Scottish accents such as … Continue reading

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11th June 2012 – The Brain’s Roles in Memory

Dr. Penny Lewis from Manchester NARU (Neuroscience of Aphasia Research Unit) will talk about memory and the brain. What role does sleep play and what does the brain do when it is neither storing nor retrieving memories?     

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5th December 2011 – Patterns and Randomness

What is randomness? Where is it? How can we spot it and should we care? Human beings generally think they have an intuitive grasp of randomness – or at least what isn’t random. But what should random actually look like … Continue reading

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4th July 2011 – Camouflage: How it Works and Why

There has to be a signal, a receiver and, very importantly, a processor. This aspect will be explored using the story of the Peppered Moth. How did camouflage evolve and how do complicated patterns it sometimes needs get created? Professor … Continue reading

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7th July 2008 – Consciousness: What is it? How Might it Work?

Professor John Jefferys from Birmingham University helped us understand what we know about consciousness. Of course some things are not yet known but good progress is being made. Among other areas, Prof Jefferys has been researching how the brain solves … Continue reading

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