17th April 2023 – Coping with Stress

Please note the date for this session. As Easter Monday falls on the 2nd Monday in April, the SciBar session will be on the 3rd Monday.

Dr Clare Jonas

Postponed from October 2022, Dr Clare Jonas returns to describe her study of how we cope with stressful waiting. Clare last spoke to Knutsford SciBar in January 2020 when her topic was “Multisensory Perception and Synaesthesia”.

Clare says “I was inspired by the pandemic and in learning how to cope with it I read a lot of the research on stressful waiting, but of course it’s also relevant to other kinds of stressful delays like waiting for a medical test result, moving house, or the period in between doing an exam and getting results.

Clare’s talk will cover why waiting is stressful, what makes one person more stressed than another in the same situation, and practical evidence-based tips on how to cope.

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