7th March 2016 – The Hidden Science of How the Mind Really Works


This talk is by Dr Warren Mansell about a scientific theory that has been ignored or misunderstood for over 50 years – Perceptual Control Theory (PCT) – see www.pctweb.org. The theory provides a whole new perspective on the mind and society.


Dr Mansel says: “Fortunately, small groups of scientists and practitioners across the globe have used the theory to drive innovations in fields such as education, mental health and technology. Yet, the theory still remains ‘hidden’ from the mainstream because it does not seem to fit with the way that society chooses to view the mind. I will explain the theory to you, demonstrate how you use it to deliver a new method of psychotherapy and share with you many of the diverse applications PCT has spawned.”

Dr Mansell’s  background…

Following a PhD at University of Oxford, and a Doctorate in Clinical Psychology at the Institute of Psychiatry, Kings College, London he came to the University of Manchester where he is currently a Reader in Clinical Psychology. He gave this talk recently at Cafe Scientifique.

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