12th April 2021 (Zoom 7pm) – 5G: The Need, Technical Challenges and Impact

Prof Nigel Linge

Professor Nigel Linge, University of Salford, School of Computing, Science and Engineering, will be talking about 5G. From his website, this is what Nigel says about his talk: “In December 2017, the world took an important step forward in the development of the next generation of mobile phones when the first standard for 5G was published. The journey to this point began back in the 1980s when the first generation of analogue mobile phones was introduced. The move to 2G in the 1990s heralded improved communications and the introduction of data services. The third generation subsequently brought better Internet connections and then 4G offered high-speed broadband connectivity. This talk however, examines the latest moves towards 5G, what that entails and what its impact might be. The talk will explore why 5G is needed, how it differs from 4G, what technical challenges need to be overcome and which new applications and services will become available.” You can see more about Nigel on his website: https://www.engagingwithcommunications.com/index.html

Following on from Professor Linge’s talk, here is a link to a paper on 5G and safety concerns: https://www.theiet.org/impact-society/factfiles/engineering-safety-factfiles/allaying-health-concerns-regarding-5g-and-exposure-to-radio-waves/ . Also, the triangle that Nigel showed as one of his slides was felt by several people to be very useful – it was created by the International Telecommunications Union as part of a presentation IMT-2020 NETWORK HIGH LEVEL REQUIREMENTS, HOW AFRICAN COUNTRIES CAN COPE. The specific page (14) of the presentation can be viewed here.

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