1st April 2019 – Eco Energy Production from Waste Biomass

In April, Mubashra Latif, who is studying for her PhD in the faculty of Science and Engineering at the University of Chester, will talk about her research. Mubashra is being supported by the University of Chester’s Eco-Innovation Cheshire and Warrington project, investigating alternative feedstocks which might be turned into energy.  Particularly, how businesses could use special on-site biomass energy converters to generate clean power, cut their power bills and heat their own premises.

A range of feedstocks is being trialled, including animal and agricultural matter, to generate combined heat and power, with the aim of discovering which feedstocks work best to create electricity and heat (and therefore redirecting it from landfill). Mubashra hopes that she can also eventually use her research and energy expertise to benefit her home country of Pakistan, where one third of the population lacks the access to electricity which has become a basic life necessity in the 21st century. “I am really excited about this project.” says Mubashra “PhD research can sometimes remain as a thesis, so I feel very lucky to be somewhere where my research will be implemented in the real world to solve real world problems.”

Arensis – an internationally recognised British-based German energy company – is also involved in the research.  This pleases Mubashra and she is keen to continue working with Arensis, if possible, as it looks to expand internationally.  “Not only will I get my PhD, but this research project is also giving me hands-on experience of working for Arensis. Also, Pakistan lacks energy specialists, so I hope eventually to go home as an asset to my country, to be part of international projects going on in Pakistan that are internationally funded.”


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