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Our next virtual meeting will be held at 7pm on Monday November 2nd 2020, when Dr Michael Buttery, Snr Project Scientist, ESR Technology, Engineering Safety and Risk will give a talk entitled “Tribology of Spacecraft Mechanisms: 48-million Miles Without an Oil Change”.

From member feedback, our first two virtual meetings have been successful, with the number of virtual attendees being close to the numbers who previously attending in person.

**** CoronavirusĀ  ****

As previously explained on this page, back in March 2020 we cancelled all scheduled meetings up to September, and we were hoping that we would be in a position to resume “real” meetings from then. However, nearly 6 months on, and we are definitely not yet where we rather naively thought we would be, and we do not believe we will be able to resume real meetings this year, and quite possibly well into next year. As people on the mailing list will know, we have canvassed their views regarding video conferencing v. live meetings, we have talked to the Sports club, and as a result we held our first virtual meeting in September 2020, using Zoom video conferencing. We know it is not ideal, and we hope that this is temporary, and that eventually we will be able to return to Knutsford Sports Club (or another local venue), but for now it’s either that or shut up shop altogether. We hope that you will support us and our speakers for however long it takes.

We do not plan to make charges for video lectures, although we may need to review this if we get more that 100 attendees (and Zoom charges go up) but we’ll cross that bridge when/if we come to it.

We are keeping the meetings on the same schedule (first Monday monthly) but one important change to note is that we have changed the start time to 7.00pm. Hopefully this won’t adversely affect anyone – it probably took at least half an hour for most people to travel and queue for a beer, and get a good seat, so it  probably won’t make much difference at the start, but it should mean an earlier finish (helpful for those who eat afterwards). People will be able to join meetings at 6.30pm, and they will be closed to newcomers at 7.00pm.

The joining instructions will be sent to everyone on our mailing list a couple of days before each meeting – they will not be published on the website. So if you are not on our mailing list, but want to attend the video conference, you will need to contact us via the contact form and ask to be added (which means you will be accepting our privacy policy as per GDPR).

As ever, we would like to hear any ideas for speakers, so please keep them coming.

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