13th May 2019 – The Magic of MRI

Helen BeaumontDr Helen Beaumont of Manchester University will  talk to us about MRI: What is an MRI machine? How does it work? What can it measure? Why does it have to be so big, so loud, so expensive? And what can it tell us about our brains? Come for a quick fly past spinning protons to the human connectome (note from blog-poster JC: you can check it out on Wikipedia, but my simple interpretation is that a connectome is a wiring diagram of the neural networks in the brain).

Dr Beaumont was originally going to give this talk in December 2018, but due to an important work commitment, had to reschedule her visit to the SciBar. We had hoped to welcome her in March 2019 but personal circumstances have overtaken Helen so she has now rescheduled for May.

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