13th February 2023 – The End of Everything

Dr. Steve Barrett, Senior Research Fellow at the University of Liverpool makes a welcome return to SciBar.

In March 2021 he gave us a Zoom talk entitled “The Beginning of Everything”.  Now he finishes the story in person with a view into the future, describing the fate of the Earth, the Sun, the galaxy … and the Universe. Hold on to your hats!

Post-talk note Steve has sent links to his handout and talks:

If anybody missed picking up a handout of the slides from my talk, they can be downloaded here:

and a video recording of the talk is here:

As there were some questions afterwards about the idea of galaxies receding from us faster than the speed of light, here's a reminder of the links to my 'Ancient Light' talk to Knutsford SciBar from May 2021.

The handout: 
The recording: 

Recordings and handouts of all my talks are here:
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