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7th February 2011 – Cosmic Rays

Professor Tony Bell from Oxford University led our discussion on cosmic rays. These are the highest energy particles in the universe. Their energies reach about ten million times that of particles accelerated at CERN. Mainly protons, one single particle can … Continue reading

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7th June 2010 – Synchrotron Radiation

Professor Richard Pattrickand will join us to discuss synchrotron radiation which is electromagnetic radiation, generated by the acceleration of ultrarelativistic (i.e. moving near the speed of light) charged particles through magnetic fields. This may be achieved artificially in synchrotrons or storage … Continue reading

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1st August 2005 – Antimatter

Antimatter – does it matter? Professor Roger Barlow of Manchester University High Energy Physics Department led the discussion on “where’s all the antimatter gone?”. Could we fly to another planet only to be annihilated  when we find it’s made of … Continue reading

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7th February 2005 – What is the Universe Made Of?

 What is the Universe made of? Charmed quarks? Bits of string? The discussion, led by Dr Fred Loebinger from the High Energy Physics department at Manchester University, covered the history of fundamental particles – atoms, electrons, neutrons, quarks, gluons and … Continue reading

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31st January 2005 – Our Future in the Cosmos

Our future in the Cosmos – Professor Michio Kaku – New York City University This was an event at the London Planetarium advertised in the Discussion group. A superb evening of parallel universes, multiple times in the same universe, wormholes, … Continue reading

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