3rd December 2018 – It’s About Time

Because of work commitments, our speaker originally scheduled for December has had to reschedule (to March 2109), but we are very fortunate to have been able to find an excellent replacement in Ian Morison, Emeritus Gresham Professor of Astronomy, who is going to give a talk called “It’s About Time”. In the talk, Professor Morison will explain how, over the centuries, we have measured the passage of time and how accurate clocks solved the ‘longitude problem’. How, with some difficulty, time can be synchronised across countries and, now, the world, before he finally describes the sequence of discoveries that showed when time began.

Those who have been coming to the SciBar from its inception may remember that Professor Morison has spoken to us twice before: in December 2004 (Hunting for Aliens), and in September 2005 (Titan Landing and Deep Impact). You can use the “search the site” facility to find a brief summary of both these talks which Dave Thompson wrote all those years ago.

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