4th December 2017 – DNA in Medicine

The promises, challenges and everyday application of DNA in Medicine


Jamie Ellingford

Dr Jamie Ellingford will be talking about the latest technology and software available to generate and analyse big DNA datasets, and discuss the promises, challenges and everyday applications of these techniques in a clinical environment.

Jamie recently completed his PhD at the Manchester Centre for Genomic Medicine, which is 1 of 13 Genome Medicine Centres in the UK, and is a joint centre between the University of Manchester and the Central Manchester NHS Foundation Trust.

His PhD was focused on the bioinformatics and large-scale analysis of genomic datasets for rare disorders, including visual, cardiac and metabolic diseases. He is one of a team of bioinformaticians who process, analyse and interpret the big genomic datasets that are generated to assist in the diagnosis of genetic disorders. His postdoctoral research is moving towards the challenges presented by sequencing the complete human genome for rare disorders.

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