7th November 2005 – The Mind, The Self, The Brain

The mind, the self, the brain – which is the real you? And who’s really in charge?

brainfunction_medDr Martin Farrel of Manchester University led the discussion on “Self” – What does it seem to be? What is it?

Exploring your view and other views of self. How does the brain create a single total concept from different data arriving at different times from the senses? What role does memory play in the perception of self?

Our 3rd of April session, next year, is on “How Memory Works”.

How, just by mild concentration, did they miss the Gorilla?

Who am “I“? Where am “I“? Where do “I” start and end?  Don’t forget the shoe can be part of “you“. Body image, the brain’s view – very surprising!

Do we really have Free Will? Is it an illusion? Is it really only “Free Won’t“?

What is consciousness & what’s its role if any? No role is needed for it, yet we all experience it as important. How is personality affected by experience, drugs/booze?  Don’t forget “The buffalo theory of Mind” – it’s easily tested.

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