5th January 2015 – Killer Asteroids

andy-newsam_medOur speaker this month is Andy Newsam, Professor of Astronomy Education and Engagement.

Professor Newson says: “My research is varied but generally involves getting observations from large number of telescopes all over the world (and sometimes above it) and trying to measure faint objects or tiny changes in brightness. Because of this, like most scientists, I travel a lot – sometimes to talk to colleagues in different parts of the world, but often to use telescopes which are usually up mountains in isolated places like Hawaii. It’s a tough life.”

asteroid-impact_medAsteroid impacts happen, but how big is the threat to humanity? What are we doing about it? And what more  should we be doing?

For anyone interested in knowing more about the speaker or the topics that could be discussed, her are some links to get you started:

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