3rd October 2011 – Fukushima

What happened? Could it happen here? What does it mean for nuclear power?

The events at Fukushima in March 2011 didn’t just send a literal shockwave across Northern Japan, they sent a metaphorical shockwave around the global nuclear industry. Six months on, it is timely to ask some questions such as:

  • What actually happened to the nuclear reactors at Fukushima?
  • Could the same (or something similar) happen to our nuclear sites in the UK?
  • How will all of this have an effect on the future of the world’s nuclear industry?

Adrian Bull of nuclear company Westinghouse will address these questions and related topics, such as the sharp contrast which sometimes existed between the reality of the situation in Japan and the media reporting of events. He will also look at how public confidence in nuclear power has been affected by Fukushima.

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