10th January 2009 – Catalyst Museum

A STEM Ambassador event at the Catalyst Museum Saturday Science Club


Dave Thompson and Roger Gittins visited the Catalyst Chemical Museum’s Saturday Science Club to give a talk to the children on the history of rockets and the principles of making rockets. This was followed by a rocket building session by the children, some of whom had brought with them rockets designed and built at home. The rockets were examined and changes in design were made, where necessary, usually in order to the fit to the launcher.

On a freezing cold day the group then went outside to see if any rockets could be fired across the Mersey. With the wind against them this was an difficult task but all the rockets took to the air. The only one not complaining about the temperature was Roger who kept warm by pumping up the rockets before launch. A super range of rockets were fired with strikingly different design features, including a pilot on a parachute, cylindrical fins and one seemingly based on the AVRO Vulcan V- Bomber. The raw egg was also launched and amazingly SURVIVED !!!


Interesting Designs


I think mine’s best


Look – the egg’s still alive!!



Thar she blows!


The Mersey looks a long, long way away

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