2nd July 2008 – Daresbury Rocket Competition

Daresbury Rocket Competition at Chester Racecourse

In July 2008 Knutsford SciBAr entered several rockets, made by various SciBArians, into a competition to see which rocket could carry a raw egg the furthest without breaking the egg. The winner was Graham Barlow (shown second from left with the winning rocket). He achieved 160m with the wind against him. Graham is also famous (or infamous) for eating the noble ”Joe Egg” who was the first ever surviving egg during testing. This ignominious act nearly got him thrown out of the team. The favourite before the event was Roger Gittins but unfortunately none of his eggs survived on the day. Distances of well over 200m had been achieved with a surviving egg in the testing phase. The SciBarians also took the Alka Seltzer Space rocket launcher to entertain children entering for the schools competition whilst they awaited their turn in the competition.


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