4th June 2007 – Climate Change

Shock! Horror! – Media Hype, Climate Alarmism and the Crisis of Science Communication

Dr Benny Peiser from Liverpool John Moores University helped us look into the various factors affecting climate change and the things we can and cannot do about it as a local and global community.

Dr. Peiser is the editor of CCNet, an electronic science and science policy network with more than 3,000 subscribers from around the world. It is in this capacity that a 10km-wide asteroid, Minor Planet (7107) Peiser, was named in is honour by the International Astronomical Union. Author of a book called “Adapt or die: the science, politics and economics of climate change”, Dr Peiser is admirably placed to lead our discussion and achieved the SciBAr’s highest rating ever by the attendees for audience participation in the discussion. This was remarkable bearing in mind there were 88 people at the meeting.

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