24th April 2007 – Science Horizons

Science Horizons are not Knutsford SciBAr events but you may enjoy them.

Science Horizons is a national series of 4 discussions about new technologies, the future and society. Is Science going the right way? Good points? Bad points? This is your opportunity to tell the Government what you feel.

Dates : 24th April, 22nd May, 19th June. Time: 6:30 for 7:00pm

daresbury_daresbury_logo_medAll events are FREE. This has been set up by the UK Government and will run during 2007. They are kindly sponsored by CCLRC Daresbury Laboratory & HMG

Developments in mobile technology, the internet and healthcare have changed our lives over the last few decades and new applications of science and technology will continue to shape our futures. The government has invited scientists, engineers and other experts to say which areas of science and technology they think will have the biggest impacts in the future. But experts don’t have all the answers. They can’t predict which particular developments will emerge and they can’t say how developments will be used by individuals and society. These discussions are your chance to tell them what you think, and what sort of future you want.
The science horizons events allow you to get involved in a group discussion and give the government your views. It contains a brief outline of what life might be like in 2025. After discussion we would then summarise our groups’ position as to the positive and negative effects of the technology and how it might be used. This will be sent to the government.

Give it a whirl and ensure that the Government gets sensible viewpoints for a change.

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