4th December 2006 – From Big Bang to Stars and Galaxies


Dr Thomas Mohaupt from Liverpool University introduced us to the “The Big Bang” taking us back from our current Universe and where it might be heading to the first trillionth of a second after the big bang. The microwave background radiation, from all parts of the sky, is what remains of the light from the Big Bang after 15 billion years of universe expansion, and it tells us what happened only a minute fraction of a second after it started

Inflations, massive expansion faster than the speed of light? How did it get lumpy and why so homogeneous at the beginning? And why is curved space ever so flat around here? Some very interesting things happened very quickly in our new universe but then not much for a very long time and its all there in the record. We had a look at the results of this unimaginable explosion and we, its remnants. It’s sobering to think that every atom in your body and on the earth was made inside a star at millions of degrees. Will we ever know what went on before the Big Bang? It used to be an impossible thought but scientists now think………

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