2nd October 2006 – Dark Matter and Multiple Universes

Dark Matter and Multiple Universes – Can we “string” them together?

parallel universes

Dr Brian Cox from Manchester University and CERN will introduce us to the front line of today’s Physics.

He will be examining the evidence for “Dark Matter” and “Multiple Dimensions and Universes“, and looking at “String Theory, Brane Theory and Supersymmetry” to explain the recent observed results together with progress in the search for new supersymmetric particle partners for each of the known fundamental particles we’ve found so far. If we find these it will give us some confidence that we are on the right track.

As Michio Kaku said “String theory explains all the evidence we currently have about the universe and it is the only theory in town which can do this“, but we don’t have any hard evidence that strings exist as we have not yet got the capability to reach the energies needed to see the strings directly. Maybe there’s another theory not yet discovered which can explain everything and direct evidence can prove it. What are CERN doing and what energies can be reached now and in the near future with their Large Hadron Collider? Sounds complicated but, as I’ve said many times, “if they are explained clearly then it’s not difficult to understand but it is difficult to believe”.

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