6th February 2006 – Immortality and Control of the Ageing Process

Immortality and control of the ageing process – when, not if.

Dr Aubrey de Grey, Cambridge University, discussed the work to make Methuselah mice that live “forever“.
MouseWhat is the process of ageing? Can we control it and eradicate it to create immortal humans who stay physiologically around 20 years old for thousands of years? How do we go about it? Once it has been proven with mice, does anyone believe there will be a research funding problem on the human project? “Not on your life” some say. Dr de Grey said his main priority was to take people with 2/3 of their life gone and double the remaining part with no further ageing. As chairman of the Methuselah Foundation, Dr de Grey has just donated the first prize for successful rejuvenation of mice!

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